Did you find a message in a bottle?

Who knows, maybe it is one that we started :) Let's face the facts - chances are rather tiny. But just in case you find it is actually a bottle described in the list below, we would be so happy if you contact us!

Bottle no. 1

Bottle type:Fentimans lemonade, transparent glass
Capping:Metal screw cap and cork
Content:Piece of wood with carved letters “mackrug.de/bottle”, chocolate, tea bag, coins
Crafted by:Katharina and Daniel
Deployed here:Near Mingulay island, Outer Hebrides, Scotland
Start coordinates:N 56.842, W 7.635
On the way since:May 17, 2019 (1896 days)

Bottle no. 2

Bottle type:Jukkasjärvi tonic water, transparent glass
Capping:Cork from red wine bottle
Content:Materials found on tiny Gråsjälören island incl. piece of driftwood with carved letters “mackrug.de/bottle”
Crafted by:Lena and Daniel
Deployed here:Luleå bay, south of Gråsjälören island, Sweden
Start coordinates:N 65.561833, E 22.157957
On the way since:August 24, 2019 (1797 days)

Bottle no. 3

Bottle type:Djöflarót ginger beer, transparent glass
Capping:Cork from wine bottle
Content:Materials found in Ófeigsfjörður bay incl. piece of plastic with carved letters “mackrug.de/bottle”
Crafted by:Daniel
Deployed here:Southern shore of Snæfellsnes peninsula near Arnarstapi, Iceland
Start coordinates:N 64.761823, E 23.626230
On the way since:August 01, 2020 (1454 days)

Bottle no. 4

Bottle type:Square bottom mini bottle, transparent glass
Capping:Small cork, wax-sealed
Content:Materials from national park area, tea bag, apple seeds, wood with paper banner “mackrug.de/bottle”
Crafted by:Lena, Thea, Katharina, Bibi, Daniel
Deployed here:Elbe river east of Pirna, Germany
Start coordinates:N 50.958183, E 13.973534
On the way since:Oktober 02, 2021 (1027 days)

Bottle no. 5

Bottle type:Corona beer bottle, transparent glass
Capping:Cork from red wine bottle
Content:Materials from Key West white sand beach, paper with citation and text “mackrug.de/bottle”
Crafted by:Lisa and Daniel
Deployed here:Southern shore of Little Duck Key, USA
Start coordinates:N 24.681502, W 81.229451
On the way since:April 04, 2022 (843 days)

Bottle no. 6

Bottle type:Moroccan red wine bottle
Content:Materials from beach, boarding pass with text “mackrug.de/bottle”
Crafted by:Denise and Daniel
Deployed here:Northern tip of Dakhla lagoon, Morocco/Western Sahara
Start coordinates:N 23.890339, W 15.775609
On the way since:November 30, 2022 (603 days)

Bottle no. 7

Bottle type:Savanna cider transparent bottle
Content:AfriFruta bag, 20 Metical bill, plant materials, sand, boarding pass with text “mackrug.de/bottle”
Crafted by:Participants of the masx.org festival 2023
Deployed here:Praia da costa do sol, beach of Maputo, Mozambique
Start coordinates:S 25.922645, E 32.641194
On the way since:March 31, 2023 (482 days)

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